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eurotec® is offering a wide range of Polyamide compounds and blends that are classified according to their chemical structure as;

Tecopet® is the registered trade mark for Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) compounds produced by eurotec®.

These cost effective products are giving our customers competitive advantages not only in material costs but also in environmental regulations and commitments.

Tecopet PET Packaging


Tecopet® grades are supplied in pellet form and packed in moisture proof 25 kg multi-layer bags. Other forms of packing like octabins and big-bags with PE or Aluminum in-liners are also available.

All packaging is tightly sealed by Eurotec before shipment and should be opened just before processing. It is also advised to be kept in dry environment below 50°C while protected from UV-light. In order to prevent condensation, packaging stored in cold areas should be allowed to warm up to room temperature before being opened.

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