In terms of structure, plastics are environmentally friendly materials. The important thing is to maintain the efficient and friendly relationship between the environment and plastic, both in manufacturing and consumption.

eurotec® places great importance on the protection of environment with regard to passing it to the next generations in a sound state. Having this purpose in mind, it takes all the measures and makes all the necessary investments to ensure environmental conservation.

eurotec® is aware of the fact that protecting the environment is possible by holding efficiency as a priority in all processes.

The environment policy and applications of eurotec® are continuously renewed and improved to ensure that our planet is maintained in a young and fit state.

The employees of eurotec® Mühendislik Plastikleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. embrace the objective of continuously pursuing the protection and nurturing of the environment as their common goal.

To serve this purpose eurotec®;

  • Complies with legislative arrangements regarding environment.
  • Implements the technologies that leave behind the least amount of waste and use natural resources efficiently.
  • Uses raw materials and resources such as energy, water and air in an efficient manner.
  • Has established a system that is continuously improved for the purpose of reducing and recycling waste.
  • Ensures that the least possible amount of waste is released to the environment by supporting recycling and recovery activities.
  • Organizes training courses to ensure environmental awareness among its employees.
  • Ensures that cleanliness and orderliness are adopted as life’s philosophies by its employees.
  • Encourages the environment related works of the supplier firms.
  • eurotec® family targets to improve its performance in protecting the environment by using its resources efficiently.
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