eurotec®, supports its advanced technology with its dynamic and experienced human resources. Aiming to manufacture the best in the most efficient way and with the most possible competitive attitude, eurotec®supports its objective by continuous development efforts that involve offering a wide range of high quality products.

The completely computerized manufacturing facilities consist of high torque twin screw extruders combined with gravimetric feeders in order to obtain the consistent colour and quality.

Adopting team work as a business philosophy, eurotec®views its customers as a part of this team. As customer needs and requests are forwarded accurately and completely to the R&D Department as a result of mutual information exchange, a product and application development process customized according to the customer needs are planned and implemented. Thanks to this process, we ensure that special products in desired colours and quality meet the requirements of the customer from each and every aspect and that they are designed in the shortest time possible with minimum amount of trials.

In latest technology R&D and Quality laboratories, tests are conducted in compliance with ISO and other generally accepted international standards by using automatic and semi-automatic equipment to obtain reliable and reproducible results. eurotec®offers the following comprehensive services to its customers and business partners;

  • Development of customized products, applications and colours at pilot facilities
  • Material identification
  • Flame and fire resistance tests
  • Accelerated ageing tests against environmental and extraordinary conditions/influences
  • Colour and gloss measurements
  • Mechanical and physical tests
  • Electrical and thermal tests
  • Instrumental analysis
  • Rheology and process ability applications
  • Customer process simulations
  • Other tests specific to the customer


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