Vision Mission

Our Vision

eurotec® is an independent and leading company operating in the field of technical thermoplastics. Together with an ecological attitude in its operations, Eurotec meets the market demand by working closely together with customers and suppliers.

Innovative products, created by means of smart solutions and services, elevate the position of eurotec® vis-à-vis market leadership while the company welcomes the opportunity of continuous development and improvements with an open mind.

Our Mission

eurotec® produces intelligent solutions that are based on innovative and customer-specific products and services. Integrated with its reputable and reliable partnerships, eurotec® becomes a long-term solution partner for its customers and suppliers and this aspect also creates achievement opportunities for its stakeholders.

In meeting the requirements of its domestic and international customers in engineering plastics, eurotec® adopts a management approach that is open to continuous improvement, focused on most effective and efficient use of its resources to create added value for its customers.

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